About Us

About ELM Computer Technologies Limited

Founded in 1990, ELM Computer Technologies Limited (ELM) has been providing state-of-the-art IT solutions and professional services to our clients for over twenty nine years. The wide area of expertise in IT that ELM possesses under its belt has enabled the company to offer services on the lines of Multi-cloud Management, DevOps and Microservices Management, Business Analytics, Application Performance Management, Access and Identity Management, Enterprise Facilities and Asset Management, IT Services Management, Data Protection, and Enterprise Mobility Management. Guiding our clients through the maze of rapid technology change while focusing on delivering business results, ELM has consistently been supporting our client with tailored services that always exceed expectations. This has been possible because of the outstanding experience of our people, close relationships with business partners as well as our project management skills; that combine together to create a win-win situation for all parties.

Outstanding Experience of our People
With a vision of becoming a pioneer in the supply of professional services, ELM has added values to our clients in terms of the implementation and after-sales services. Our technical professionals are well trained and certified by major software and hardware vendors such as IBM, Red Hat, VMware, Oracle, HPE, Microsoft, etc. The wide skillset and knowledge of our people does not merely provide our clients with the best solutions, but also helps to protect their investment.

Close Partnership with Business Partners
In supplying professional services, a close partnership with business partners and independent software vendors is extremely important to ensure the ability of providing services, especially for ad-hoc situations and special situation. Established for almost thirty years, ELM has a well-developed network of business partners. This network allows ELM to cater for all types of professional service requirements.

Keeping Up with Emerging Technologies
In today’s disrupt-or-be-disrupted world, it is a necessity to keep a close eye on current trends and emerging technologies. ELM always looks beyond today’s solutions and be ready for what lies ahead. We keep investing on our people in emerging technologies including Cloud Computing, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), Mobile Computing, Cyber-security, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Internet of Things, etc. A “never stop learning” attitude helps keep our clients open to new information, inventive approaches, and progressive techniques that enables our clients stay up-to-date with the latest innovations for advancing themselves among their competitors.

Well-developed Project Management Skills
Project management and contingency planning are the key drivers to ensure that projects are delivered on schedule, within budget and to the required level of quality. With years of practical experience on project implementation, ELM has built its unique philosophy in program control, procurement plan, resource planning, project scheduling, quality management as well as escalation procedures for clients. These experiences, together with our proven track record, have allowed ELM to excel beyond the expectation of every client.