Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure
Streamline your access life-cycle management for internal and external users

Access and Identity Management Solution is an access management solution that provides web and federated SSO to end users across multiple applications. With browser-based integration and open standards, this solution can provide quick gains in user productivity and user experience. And it can reduce administration costs with federated SSO. End users authenticate once and then seamlessly obtain access to applications and services inside and outside their network infrastructure.

SaaS and cloud adopters can benefit further with the deployment of federated SSO, which allows users to sign on once, and then securely access multiple SaaS-based applications without additional logins. Support for SAML 2.0 facilitates a complete trust model across the sender and the receiver regardless of the underlying architecture, enabling identity federation in a cloud environment.

Challenges in Access and Identity Management
Difficulty in providing a broad user base that can include employee, customers and partners accessing corporate applications and third party services
Handling an extremely large number of users (cloud access for customer communities could involve millions)

Varied requirements and access controls applied to different circumstances, and sensitive and non-sensitive data (for example, procuring access to future product designs vs. inviting customers to attend an upcoming marketing event)

Limited resources, tight budgets and the desire not to duplicate existing IT security infrastructure just for the cloud
Comprehensive security that meets regulatory compliance requirements and helps prevent costly, reputation-demanding system breache
Key benefits of the solution
Reduce risk
Increased visibility and control
Improved scalability and user productivity
More flexible provisioning
Accelerated audit procedures
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