Data Protection and Application Security
Setting up for your smarter IT infrastructure

Organizations looking for solutions for setting up your IT infrastructure that has quick time to value and low total cost of ownership become the fundamental requirements for future projects. Together with the demand for Software Defined Environment or a Cloud infrastructure, organizations usually have strong initiative to adopt technologies that help dynamically build an automated environment with virtualization and provisioning capabilities.

The Platform Virtualization and Provisioning Solution includes sophisticated server and storage infrastructure that allows customers to lower their total cost of ownership with simplified ease of use and capabilities, easily deploy and move workloads and maximize resource utilization.

Challenges in Platform Virtualization and Provisioning
Difficulties in managing both physical and virtual platforms efficiently.
Difficulties in managing servers, with both physical and virtual, and with various platforms centrally and efficiently.
Difficulties in maximizing storage investment in your virtual environments
Difficulties in monitoring in the more complicated virtual environments
Key benefits of the solution
Provides environments with higher hardware and application availability
Provides simple and streamlined management for both virtual and physical environments from a single console.
Provides improved hardware utilization.
Provides environments with higher reliability and performance.
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