Enterprise Asset and Facilities Management
Your total solution on assets management

In order to improve the real estate and facility management, TRIRIGA can increase visibility, control and automation of your real estate management, capital projects, space management, facility maintenance and energy management needs. Finance and real estate executives can make more informed decisions—bringing increased value to their organizations through identification of high-return real estate transactions, increased facilities utilization and reduced energy expenses. TRIRIGA is the best asset management tool for organizations.

Challenges in assets management
Unable to track asset including location, cost over time throughout the asset life cycle.
Loose track of asset condition that result in failure of managing unplanned downtime.
Failure to meet established service level agreements.
Failure to align service levels with business objectives.
Failure to analyze the use of resources, materials and equipment of asset maintenance activities.
Difficult in locating person with the right skills to the right job.
Key benefits of the solution
Improve return on assets.
Decrease costs and risk.
Increase productivity.
Improve asset-related decision making.
Increase asset service delivery responsiveness and revenue.
Facilitate regulatory compliance efforts.
Lower total cost of ownership.
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