Managing identities and access privileges is at the heart of solving any security issue. Partnered with IBM, ELM demonstrated Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution to 60 staff from various government B/Ds. IAM help our customers define and identity governance strategy, centralize identity management and reduce cost associated with user provisioning and access management. IAM products also audit, monitor and report on user compliance with acceptable use policy.

The solutions and their supporting capabilities include:

  • IBM Security Access Manager for Web – includes Web SSO, authentication, authorization and a web application firewall.
  • IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile – an appliance-based solution combining web access management and web application protection in a modular package, to help safeguard mobile, cloud and social interactions across the enterprise.
  • IBM Security Identity Manager – Creates, modifies and terminates user privileges throughout users’ lifecycles.
  • IBM Security Web Gateway AMP 5100 Appliance – Access Manager for Web offered in a hardware appliance form factor.
  • IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager – Keeps administrative (privileged user) ID usage tracked and under control.

Federated Identify Manager 

    Offers Web and Federated SSO, authentication and authorization and risk-based access.

  • IBM Security Enterprise Single Sign-On – Delivers SSO, password management, session management, compliance and user productivity gains.
  • Security Policy Manager – Enterprise management of fine-grained authorizaiton for numerous application environments.

Here we would like to thank all participants for taking time out of their busy schedules to the event.